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Kaziranga English Academy

Private School

Filled out 70%

Comments 6

  • A
    ASR Version
    It is an excellent school but The math teacher is bad other all is perfect
  • B
    bijoy singh
    This place is beautiful valley where one can take fresh air always .As a teacher more than 4 to 6 years . I have spent here with my family .Still i am doing job here
  • H
    Himangshu Kalita
    Most students are wild.....they torture others. Also results are disgusting although teachers are actually good.The school have almost 500 students and is decreasing.The school will close down after some years for sure.
  • S
    Subrata Baruah
    Such a beautiful place where one can take fresh air always. As a teacher more than 5 to 6 years I have spent here with my family. Still I am doing job here
  • A
    Anonymous Person
    This school really not the type of school that you want your child to develop.
  • T
    Taba Ania
    A very well defined school with a beautiful environment for perfect learning.