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Pizza Max

Pizza Restaurant

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  • M
    Maria Joseph
    Very bad experience on a chicken supreme take away. Base was just like a regular bun and over fermented. Stomach got upset for all those who eaten it. Waste of money. Dominoz is far far better.
  • S
    Shebin John
    Nice ambiance and quiet place, but not much great food.
  • S
    sidharth pkini
    Extra tax is collected, bad service, not even cheese is delivered with the pizza. If needed extra money should be paid......! A large vegetable pizza costs 689/-rs
  • A
    Abdulla Jamal
    Worst pizza.spend the same money and eat dominos
  • A
    Ajmal Puthyaveetil
    If you want a pizza, Go to pizza max. For those who are bored with the taste of traditional cuisine, and to explore the world of food, this is an apt place. When I visited this place, It looked like mostly abandoned. I was alone in there. However, the pizza was not bad. I think they also have free Wi-Fi. So folks want to try something different, try pizzamax.