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Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye Hospital & Research Centre Pvt Ltd

Ayurvedic Hospital

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  • B
    B P Bhat
    Great place, nice atmosphere. Friendly doctors, very reasonable rates. Fine restaurant. Nice treatment. Many eye related problems can be cured in medicine, without surgery, in this ayurvedic treatment. Visit once. You will never be disappointed.
  • S
    Sathya Janakiraman
    I went here for treating Retinitis Pigmentosa which has no treatments in allopathy. I had vision improvement after their treatment. It was 25 days per sitting and I went thrice. 25 days is a long time, but I had improvement. Felt great. The doctors and nurses are so friendly and caring. Loved the natural atmosphere around.
  • G
    Govarthan Natarajan
    This is the best Ayurvedic eye hospital I have ever seen and the only hospital that cures Macular degeneration
  • L
    Friendly Doctors. For Consulting Senior Doctors Prior Appointment is recommended. For General Checkup other Doctors are enough. Free OP Consultation is available on every Monday and Friday.
  • I
    indrajith indukumar
    Had a nice experience
  • T
    Thomas Emmanuel
    Nice ambience .