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Omega Hospital


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  • S
    s ssd1987
    Its really a good hospital. Every time I felt that how dr .handled every patient so carefully. He spoke with patient just like a family member.such a great person and his staff also good and helping
  • H
    Harshal gautam
    Dr Chaitanya Shembekar sir is great Gynecologist and adviser.I like his way of treatment with proper methodology. Sir never create any phobia about disease. He is positive minded person suggest proper treatment with new technology in favour of patient .
  • S
    Sameena Almas
    Dr. Chaitanya Shembekar sir is a very experienced person, sir guided us with each and every care required during pregnancy. He not only boosted our confidence but also treated us with utmost care & we are blessed with baby Girl . Dr. Chaitanya Shembekar is a very nice gynecologist & Obstetician. We are greatful for his timely help and guidance.
  • D
    dharmu pawar
    awesome. Dr sembekar is a great man. staff is very nice , and treatment at Omega Hospital is World-class treatment . million time thanks to dr Chaitanya sembekar & Dr Manisha Sembekar.
  • R
    Reena Bisen
    A miracle is the only way to describe motherhood & giving birth..Thank you Doctor for taking so much care during those difficult 9 months and making my delivery wonderful & painless experience.
  • V
    Vijay Narsikar
    Expertise, Good and co-operative staff, cleanliness and use of latest technology, best quality management
  • G
    ganesh sahu
    Helping nature of hospital
  • A
    A Devendra
    Nice hospital for maternity good service