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The Atlantic, Ceebros Residences

Apartment Complex

Filled out 65%

Comments 7

  • A
    Anupam Roy
    Well located, very posh apartments complex covering a big area. Usual amenities for residents including swimming pool, games room, fitness centre, etc. Spacious & well maintained.
  • I
    Islam is Love
    Love it coz we r living in it
  • D
    Devanand S
    Best place to live in chennai
  • D
    Dhruv Siddharth
    Ohhh the is one of the best apartments I have ever been to!! My best frnd lives there, Tejas and his house is really spectacular But every thing comes with a price ;( Wayyyy too expensive
  • Y
    Yasser Rahman
    Excellent apartment complex. Great pool. Slightly Conservative residents
  • L
    Epic apartment and awesome view from the 18th floor
  • S
    Shrinivas Rao
    Amazing view and nice pool ;)