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Anu Test Tube Baby Centre

Fertility Clinic

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  • R
    Rahul Sharan
    I have the most precious gift n moment of life because of Anu TT centre. We pay our gratitude towards the kind of support and service we have got here from the entire team. Today I have an 8 months old cutest baby boy, after 12 years of my marriage by the 1st IVF cycle success.
  • U
    Usha Gopaluni
    We are very grateful to Dr.Anuradha madam and team for making us proud parents of a baby boy in December 2016. Dr. Anuradha gave us the right advice at the right time during our treatment tenure. The team of doctors is excellent and down to earth , so also the lab facilities, technicians and staff. We would like to thank the team for the support.
  • D
    devasena divakarla
    Excellent Services at Anu Test Tube Baby Center.All the staff are very down to earth and knowledgeable. Doctors are very thorough with their check up. All the staff too are very humble and cooperative. I would recommend Anu services to all the people who have been trying to have kids.
  • H
    Hari Kasyap
    i am very happy. Here treatment is very good. After seven years my wife got pregnant. Thank you very much.
  • R
    We get best suggestions and treatment Finally got success through IUI in 3rd attempt We refer this hospital for best results
  • Y
    yallareddy sreenivasareddy
    We Are Very Happy For The Treatment Of Dr AnurAdha,We Are Very Thank Full DR.Anuradha & Team Fully Supporting Team.
  • G
    Gajadi Karthik
    One Of D best Fertility Center In Hyderabad,Dr Anu Radha & Team Full Suppoarted Team & exelent Treatmen Expiriance Doctors We Are very Happy With THe Treatment We Are Deffnatly sujesst to The Patients Anu Testtube Baby Centre.
  • R
    Rupesh Nair
    We appreciate all the help, attention and care we received from Anu test-tube center during the 5 years of treatment. Its was just the care they showed that kept me coming for 5 years.