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Metro Footwear & Leather Stores

Footwear Wholesaler

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  • S
    suhail patel
    Excellent quality shoes with good service, although a bit crowded but its worth waiting
  • S
    sandy mythri
    Shoes and sandles are very reasonable rates... But only formals. Its not meant for sport shoes.
  • S
    Syed naseer
    Affordable & lots of variety, but double check about quality. Some of the brands they sell are of bad synthetic quality. Take care before purchasing. My purchases over the years have ranged from very good to terrible. Crowded most of the time. Staff not helpful as expected. You have to be assertive for them to show what you require.
  • S
    Saba Begum
    First time i have visited diz shop and it was a Very bad experience due to its baad service ! Though it has good quality or various designs , the service is not even stands upto 10% level.Just my time got wasted.
  • G
    gangadhar panday
    Very good shop footwear. They have no branches and no website. Established in 1962, this is a popular shoe
  • K
    K.V. Ramana
    Crowds throught the year...have patience to shop here qwality footwear
  • L
    lonka Nihar Reddy
    Wide ranges with affordable prices, good service ...
  • K
    kishore reddy
    very famous footwear in this area lot of verities available with affordable prices , fast service