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Dr Amitabh Saha, Best Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatrist, Sexologist, Depression,Headache Specialist,


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    bhavna seth
    He changed my life and brought out the best in me. He is special and the best. :) Do visit him in case of any psychological and emotional problem. Best at his work.
  • D
    deepak Management
    I had a great experience. I think Dr. Amitabh Saha is a thorough professional. I am glad I decided to get help and he always gave me the confidence that I could depend on him when I needed help. I should say that I feel much better now. I have recommended him to some of my friends too. About complaints about fees, I think a professional has the right to decide his fees.
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    parag samadhiya
    Great doctor. Give a new life to my bro. Thanks dr. Amitabh saha
  • S
    Shahil Rock
    He is the awesome psychiatrist in delhi. I am very happy to meet him for my friend treatment. ..
  • R
    ramdev garhwal
    WORST. Dr. In this world I have ever seen No humanity Simply Money making only
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    Alka Verma
    .simply making money. .be aware. .
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    ram kumar
    He is very good
  • H
    Hafij Akhta123 Hafij Akhtar123
    He is Awesome doctor