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Dr. Sandeep Sharma


Filled out 65%

Comments 5

  • D
    dileep kumar
    Worst skin clinic...bad treatment of disease, instead of expensive medicines long term, no cure at all
  • S
    Sameer Gulyani
    Expensive medicine but saw good results with time
  • O
    Ojaswin M
    This guy sounds like a psychopath.. never responds in a welcoming way. The stupid and idiot person that answers the phone is also least interested in hearing you out. Works only 6 days and for 4 -5 hours in a day.. never gives you appointment and even if he confirms the appointment, he never marks in his calendar. Looks like a fraud to me than a doctor.
  • G
    Garima Bhargava
    Worsened my pimples acne with very costly medicines prescribed by him dont go there to waste ur money
  • S
    More medicine but no longer solution