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Saral Diagnostics

Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center

Filled out 80%

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  • L
    Lakshay Nagpal
    Diagnosed with care. Staff really cooperative and understanding. Cleanliness all around the center. Expert doctors.
  • K
    Karthik D
    The waiting time was too long. I called their center before hand and talked to the help desk team, explained my case and requested to treat me on priority. But in spite of that when I went there, I was told to wait for at least to hours. The staff were supportive though, and responded with care. Due to the long waiting time, I requested to refund the amount and decided to go to another center.
  • A
    Ajay Sehgal
    Excellent and healthy. Do visit to know you are fit and fine.
  • S
    surendra sharma
    Experience of MRI of my wife Chhamta on 26-05-2017 has most unsatisfactory,they called us at 2 pm and we waited their for one n half hour for our turn to MRI,the room of MRI is in a very pitiable condition damaged at various places as well as the main machine.it was giving horrible sounds which were intolerable,no technician or any centre assistant was there in that room during the whole process of MRI to help the patient in emergency,Highly disappointed in this centre and suggest not to go there ,if u want to be safe.
  • P
    padam sharma
    Dr. Gupta the credit goes to you for make it BRAND known by its highest quality,care and timely reports.
  • R
    Rajiv Mehta
    All test under one roof staff overburdened that why does not behave sensitively.