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CHW Forge Pvt Ltd - Flange & Forging Manufacturer Company

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    piyush sharma
    Working with CHW Forge is always a pleasing experience for us. We regularly acquire carbon steel flanges, rings, blocks, and shafts from the market and in this matter, we rely on CHW Forge blindly. They never disappoint us. We always get materials with accurate specification and at very reasonable prices. Their service is very timely too.
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    Rohit Seghal
    We require high quality forged aluminum for damage repair of cars and other vehicles. It is really tough to obtain a continuous supply of the same quality of forged aluminum on regular basis. Our problem is solved with the help of CHW Forge. Their quality is unquestionably excellent, and we are confidently providing a long-term warranty of our jobs.
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    Nikesh Sharma
    CHW Forge provided the best Rolled Rings. They were made up of good quality alloy and perfect for my project. They are just the way I mentioned to the designer. Even it is much better than I expected. The company’s honesty and hard work compelled me to write this review. I am very happy with the finished product.
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    Deepak Nair
    Top notch quality, top notch engineering and top notch prices! When I first heard of CHW, I was a little sceptical about the kind of material and the craftsmanship because I had never bought any parts from them before. But they definitely got it right, and I’m very confident about the tower flanges I have bought.