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Highway City Dhaba


Filled out 65%

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  • B
    bitti tabhane
    Good food, hut are to cool, as is food, romantic location i just fall in love with this state
  • S
    Sanjib Talukdar
    Nice Place, Good food
  • J
    Jirsong Kiri Rongpi
    Worst place ever visited. I will suggest NO to every visitor who plan for this place!!!!!!!! *Worst service* -The management team need to give more training to the waiter how to behave with the customer. *Worst place* -The place is full of houseflies and dust. If your are looking for a good place to spend a time with your love one and eat a healthy food than i will say this place is a BIG no for you, Coz you will end up spending a time with headache .
  • S
    sisir kalita
    Good food and average service
  • K
    K Barman
    Super Quality... Old Is Gold