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Dr. Kanu Rajput , Sidri International Skin , Hair & Sexologist Clinic - Best Sexologist in Delhi NCR


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    Sudhanshu Sharma
    Dr Kanu is a fantastic human being with tremendous subject knowledge. He diagnosed the problem so perfectly that there was no scope for error.He is someone who has loads of positive energy and this makes patients like me more secure and accomplished. If you have a positive doctor half of your problems are already solved. The best part about him is that he gives aruvedic medicines which have no side effects. He is one of the best skin doctors that I have visited till date. Thank you doctor Kanu. Keep this energy flowing.
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    Although I had very less opportunity to communicate with Dr Kanu but in my 1 or 2 meeting.. I had very great experience with Dr Kanu. He is very polite and humble person. Always talk with smile and boost confidence. Dr Kanu and Dr Manu baithe are great Dr who understands your problem and provide best treatment. When I discussed about my issue with Dr Kanu he listened it carefully and boosted my confidence.