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WEFE Broadband & CCTV Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Filled out 85%

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  • B
    Bisweswar Bose
    I love it. I am using it since September 2015. Virtually no downtime. Their service is robust and reliable. Whenever I had a problem, the customer care were swift in solving my problems. It will we wonderful, if Wefe provides optical fiber internet services to individual customers as well. :) I will be waiting for the day when it provides fiber Internet at affordable prices to single customers. :)
  • M
    Manzurul Qayyum
    Using WEFE for over 1 ys now. Excellent quality and prompt service. Humble staff. Best pricing.
  • S
    Satish bbsr
    WEFE ISP is the best in bhubaneswar compared to others ISP, it has good support team which provides 24/7 uninterrupted service.. i personally recommend to switch to WEFE
  • D
    DJ Mohanty
    Hello from Cuttack! Excellent Service & Internet by WEFE. Best regards to Mr. Sujit!
  • A
    Akshya Mohapatra
    One of the best service provider. Have been a loyal customer since a long time.
  • R
    rajesh Majhi
    best internet service provider in odisha.
  • A
    best internet service provider in bhubaneswar.