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Bollineni Hillside

Gated Community

Filled out 70%

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  • M
    Murugesh Kumar R
    Had a visit to check phase 2 construction.. seems to be good township.. school, park, club house..etc..need suggestion from existing owners
  • A
    Ashok Ravichandren
    Best place to live in peace, but the water drainage facility is not a good during winter, rather than that maintaining park nd all so good!
  • R
    Rishabh Karn
    Incredible experience.. from 2015 Chennai floods till vardha cyclone.. electricity, water supply, everything was restored within days of calamity. Apart from this, the society has two parks, one club house, supermarket and various other shops inside the compound. Children are fond of one of the park which is well equipped with play arena and slides. Also, that park has open-air gym. The other park has basketball court, lawn tennis court, cricket net practice, running track, podium for weekend gathering and fun activities.
  • G
    Giriraj Prakasam
    Very good place to live. The place has BIG play ground and park. If you have vehicle then will be easy to reach. If you are a Bus traveller then will be difficult to reach the place. Only Auto or by walk from Semmancheri. Flooded time this place was badly affected. Many front area houses damaged lot by flood. Almost full house filled with rain / lake water.
  • J
    Jayasurya Menon
    Amenity wise and overall layout is probably the best you could find in Chennai. There are of course issues that you would find with any apartment society such as issues with STP and other issues with maintenance which I am hopeful can be rectified.
  • M
    Mekail Sarwar
    Absolutely Fantastic experience. When words match the reality, you are bound to get speechless. Just loved the location, amenities, environment and all. Its a real treat if you are looking to get your dream house. Would recommend.