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DesignQube Architects & Interior Designers

Interior Designer

Filled out 85%

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    Souban Azami
    Very Nice firm to work with! Talented Seniors and a multi talented Boss! Got chance to work in few projects, all were just classic! New concepts and beautiful designs! Proud to be an ex-dQian. ty dQ!
  • S
    Suri Suryanarayanan
    Dedicated young and smart team
  • A
    afzal manchu
    Friendly, warm project managers who take you through your project as one of the team members and educate you in that process. The company has extremely high standards for perfection. Thanks a lot Guys, and keep up your good work.
  • V
    Vimal Raj
    Truely an unthical company.... Even the pictures in profiles are being copied. Nothin seems to be true..... Just Show off. Very Very Very unethical..... Fit for only show off.... I advise the clients to consider Lavanya and Shanker Architects or some one ethical that way.....
  • A
    Aakash Mani
    There are so many young people in this firm and everyone is doing amazing job. Omg! I should say, I came here for an Intern and I learnt a lot from Architect Niranjani and people who were next to me. They are very sweet, loving and friendly. Their works are pretty good and classy! I really like it. I fell in love with their projects and their interior design...Mind Blowing! :) I recommend this firm to anyone. I am being honest, the only thing you guys have to do is for people who are coming to interns should take them to site visit and socialize with other people, so they can improve their knowledge a lot more than they learn in college. Otherwise you guys are rocking!! :) :) <3 <3
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    Niyathi A
    Great team. Their designs are par excellence. Will definitely recommend. Keep up the good work,
  • A
    Arjun Dhinakaran
    The CHANGE is everything we want. “designQube” is an impressive, creative, and innovative architect firm. They are doing exceptional jobs of capturing the edge aesthetic people wanted and the functionality they seek. Everyone who has seen the place are blown away. GREAT GOING!!