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Aarthi Scans Pvt. Ltd

Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center

Filled out 80%

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  • K
    Karthikeyan Balakrishnan
    I had been to Aarthi scans Jayanagar branch Wonderful & excellent staffs. Taking care of patients is really awesome. Very happy with the service and worth paying.
  • A
    Arvind Jadli
    I highly recommend the services of this diagnostic centre. Well maintained and hygienic. Very cordial staff.
  • P
    Prathibha Raj
    I had a worst experience in Aarthi, Employees do not treat the patients well. They are always busy in chit chatting and gossiping. For completing full body check up they took 2 days, as Echo doctor was not available. They take there own sweet time to give the reports. They waste our time. Not worth to pay them 7K for full body health check up.
  • S
    suhail syed
    Uneducated staff when I ask for report on phone in English he replies in Kannada.. asked my report for more than 5 times
  • G
    Guruprasad N
    Went for a MRI /BMD scan for my mother a month back. My experience was good in this particular visit Staff were able to take care of elder patient with patience and courtesy. Cost wise it is fair than other diagnostics.
  • D
    Dileep Kumar
    Prices are less compared to others and they are having high technology equipment