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Das & Mukherjee Dog Training Center

Dog Trainer

Filled out 30%

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    saikat dey
    These two guys ( Bapi Mukherjee -old one & Subankar- young one )are real cheaters.They took advance payment of Rs. 4000/- from me and simply not picking up my phone.Today I decided to post a review and surprised to people like me in earlier occasion.
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    These guys are real cheaters,i request evry1 not to approach them.They dont teach nything really all videos are fake. I called them and told them to come,they came and took advance money and say like we come from a far place so we ll take 5000,dont give them because all take 4000.They are never regular ,they ll say that we teach him this and tht but they nvr do.they take ur dog somewhere to teach and ask for biscuit which they only eat seriously talking,they just sit with the dog teaching him nothing and come and say the dogs good. Took the whole money and then became irregular assholes,i used to call him then only he wud come otherwise he wud nvr come.