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Dr Narendranadh Meda

Vascular Surgeon

Filled out 90%

Comments 8

  • B
    bharath raj
    I think he is the best vascular surgeon in Hyderabad , All other doctors in city adviced surgery but he is the only one who treated my father with out surgery and my father is doing very well......
  • S
    Swarna Cuty
    My mother in law is suffering from varicose veins since last 6 years and is scared of surgeries. But after interacting with this doctor she felt much confident to go ahead with the treatment. His interaction levels with the old age are so comfortable, he could actually make her understand what the problem is and how the suggested treatment will solve it. I am very happy with the experience. Thank you doctor.
  • E
    Eswaraprasad Varanasi
    Patiently listens to what we say and explains us in detailed about the disease..my mother had diabetic foot ulcer since so many years...after his treatment with very good foot education ulcer healed...i recommend him for all vascular problems
  • E
    Eshwar Reddy
    Hi all, it is previlage to give my review on Dr Narendranath , who is young and dynamic in his field of surgery. He is the best and he deals his patients with patience and explains the whole problem and the treatment required. I am very glad and thankful as he saved my uncle who had AORTIC ANEURYSM. I think he is the best in his field.
  • J
    jasmine leena
    He is the best vascular surgeon i feel ...the way he interacted and explained everything about the disease and treatment options. He treated my uncle with out any complications...
  • C
    C N RAO
    Very nice interaction with the patient. Diagnosised the problem precisely at first instance and treated nicely. Doctor interaction by sparing sufficient time really impressed me and gave me lot of confidence and comfort.
  • B
    Bonthu Hari Krishna
    Excellent Doctor and friendly nature with patients
  • S
    Sreenath Reddy
    We had a very good experience with Dr N Meda. He was so focused on understanding patients problems and very friendly in nature. He clearly explained to us the nature and causes of the problem and procedures of curing. One of the best doctors in the city.